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You have been at the mall for the last three weeks performing your required exercises to meet the women. You are now armed with the knowledge to go out and meet them. You should now be able to turn a blind eye to rejection and rejoice in the glory of flirting with women. It only took three weeks but you should now be able to flirt with any girl out there. You have even developed your own techniques with flirting. You should be always looking at every woman seeing them as a challenge. It is a game, and compared to all the other guys out there, you have the most knowledge. You are more advanced then they are and you are more likely to succeed at the game!

Now that you have developed your own flirting skills, it’s time to go out there and find more women. Most likely, your flirting has taken place in the mall or even at a club, but there are other key places where you can meet women. Here is a list of the top 10 places to meet women:

1. Coffee Shops
Coffee shops have are the number one hot spot to meet women. They go to this place alone during coffee breaks at work or in groups in the evening to meet up with friends. I have met many women from different coffee shops around the city. Try to find trendy hot spots where women of all ages flock to.

2. Gyms
The beauty of meeting a woman at the gym is the fact that they are keeping their boy in good shape. It is a perfect way to inspect their body without them knowing you really are checking them out. Best of all most women at the gym (except the serious body builders) are easy going.

3. Saunas and Spas
I was at a day spa one day picking up some items for my mother and I started to realize how many women go to these places. I set myself up for a massage, and met so many women it is unbelievable. Everyone is so relaxed and all the women feel so beautiful when they are finished, they are very likely to go out afterwards. I make sure that I go for a massage at least once every month!

4. Dance clubs, Lounges, Martini Bars
I grouped these three together because all three of these locations deal with the consumption of alcohol. Bars are a great place to meet women, but the biggest downfall is that most men think this is the only place to meet them. The true player understands this and tries to hit other locales.

5. Dance Lessons, Cooking Lessons, Workshops, or Seminars
These places are a great place to meet ladies since it shows that both of you have something in common. I went to dance lessons with one of my close female friends and she ended up being the best person to set me up with women. Single females usually go to dance lessons together since they do not have a guy to go with. These are the best ones to pick up, because you can set up one of your single buddies with the other girl!

6. Restaurants
Everyone has to eat. Visiting a local restaurant on a Friday night will always help you with your chances, but what I like to do is go to a bar during their special nights. One restaurant where i live has Margaritas on special Mondays, another has bellinis on special on Tuesdays, Wednesdays are Draft Night, and Thursdays are Martinis. Pick out the days that have specials that will attract the most women, and get down there!

7. Bookstores or Libraries
Bookstores and libraries are an untapped resource for many players. This is a good place to ask them for advice or you can ask them what they are reading. You can find many attractive women at the bookstore. Furthermore, the women that you meet in these two places are usually intelligent.

8. Outdoor Events
Outdoor events can hold a lot of women. They are usually out in packs having some fun with their girlfriends. Some events that you may want to go to are public sports in the park, running events, or street fairs.

9. Church
If you go to church you will find women who are attractive and also have morals. I never thought that it would be possible to find a woman with both of these qualities, but you can find them here! They may seem a little conservative in the beginning, but in time they want to break out of their shell and have some fun.

10. Singles Clubs and Online Dating Services
Singles clubs and online dating services help you by placing you with other singles that are just like you. By introducing yourself to singles, you have a better chance of hooking up with someone that is also looking.

For each of these places listed, I use a different approach when meeting the girl. You will have to develop your own approach for each place. Remember that depending on the situation, the location, and the dress will tell you more about the woman. From here you can tailor your approach, remember, don’t be afraid of rejection.

Your Bag of Tricks
Everyone has a bag of tricks up their sleeve that will help them increase their chances of picking up a female. These are sure fire ways that will make a female notice you.

The CarYes it seems shallow, but people ARE shallow. Some women will date you because of the type of car that you drive.

The Puppy
A puppy will attract women anywhere. If you have an adorable puppy, they will take the time to come over and scratch him behind the ears.

The Baby
A baby is as good as or even better than the puppy. What it shows is that you are responsible and a person who doesn’t mind taking care of the kids. She will no doubt be attracted to you. It shows them that you’re a family man.

The Sophisticated/Business Look
By looking sophisticated, you will also look smart and powerful. It is the entire package you require here. By dressing in a well tailored suit, you tell a woman you have a well paying job and that you have money.

Card Tricks or Magic Tricks
I watched a guy walk into a room with a pack of cards and walk out with two girls on both sides of his arm. Why does this work? A person who knows these tricks can amaze, dazzle, and surprise anyone. It shows that you are fun and a little mysterious.

Something Unusual
Wearing something unusual attracts people since they are compelled to come up to you and comment on it. I once wore a pimp outfit to a party and all the women loved it. They came up to me to take pictures and they knew that I was fun to be around. You don’t necessarily have to wear something that extravagant. An unusual shirt, pants, or even a wig would do the trick!

The Body
If you have the body of a Greek God, I would be flaunting it. If you go to the gym and have the muscles to back it up, feel free to flaunt your body. Try not to seem to cocky about it though. Girls love men with muscles.

The Money
Money will always attract people but watch out for the gold diggers. A female who is only interested in your money is perfect for a one night stand. There is one guy who used to write his phone number on the back of a bank statement. The best part is that his balance is over $20 000. Now what girl would not call him?

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