Chronic Bad Breath Cures & Causes

April 16, 2017 | | Post a Comment

Bad breath can really be embarrassing, especially when it becomes chronic bad breath, which means a constant long staying bad breath. When your bad breath reaches to a chronic stage, it can be a little difficult to treat, but it can still be treated. Chronic bad breath cure includes the proper dental hygiene. One important factor also that we need to consider are the causes of having this bad breath.

Bacteria are the number one cause of having this bad breath problem. We need to know the nature of these bacteria and their source. In curing chronic bad breath, we need to get rid of these bacteria to get rid of the bad odour. These bacteria feed on the bits food that is left in our teeth after we eat. They feast on these leftovers. These bacteria produce sulphur compound that results to foul odour in the breath.

Beside these bacteria, some causes of these bad odours are; bad dental hygiene, gum diseases, tooth decay, plaque on the tongue wherein bacteria can grow, bacteria in the mouth, throat infection, smoking or drinking whisky, and etc. These sources of bacteria can be prevented and avoided as well.

The chronic bad breath cure for this is quiet simple. It just needs to be closely followed. The basic cure for this problem is proper dental hygiene. If you know the proper dental hygiene and follow them thoroughly, you will see the positive effect of it. We just need to get rid of these bacteria for us to be treated and cured totally. The lesser bacteria there are in your mouth, the lesser chances of developing bad breath, right? Brush your teeth as often as possible, at least twice or thrice a day. Brush your teeth after every meal if possible. Always carry a dental floss with you in case you’re in a place where you can’t brush your teeth, then just floss your teeth to remove bits food that are left in between your teeth so that those bacteria will not attack those “leftovers” in your teeth.

If these remedies or chronic bad breath cure doesn’t work for you, then see your dentist for additional help. Maybe you may have a different reason for having this bad breath problem. Sometimes bad breath can be a sign that there is something wrong with your body. So, your dentist or doctor would be the best qualified to diagnose it.

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